Some of the common questions that I get!

What shots do you require?

All pets are required to be current on their Rabbies, Distemper, and Parvo shots.  I require your veterinarian’s name at the time you book your appointment so I can call & verify those shots.  I WILL NOT GROOM ANY PET THAT IS NOT CURRENT ON THEIR SHOTS.

I do not require Bordetella, but I strongly suggest you give your pet the full round of shots as advised by your vet.  Remember, Bordetella vaccination has nothing to do with Boarding your pet.  Bordetella is the “common cold” vaccine for your pet & many grooming/boarding facilities require it.  You can, and should, read more about the Bordetella vaccine here.

How much will you charge to groom my dog?

That depends!  What type of dog do you have?  How much does it weigh?  What condition is it’s coat currently in?  What do you want your dog to look like?  How friendly is he/she?  Will I have to muzzle him/her?  Does he/she have fleas?  Things like that, and other factors can affect the cost of a grooming session.  It’s really best to call and set up a quick consultation so I can see your pet & we can discuss what you want.

Be sure to check out the In-Flight Services tab on this site to get an idea of packages.

How long does will it take to groom my dog?

That depends too!  My goal is always to get your pet groomed in a reasonable amount of time for him/her, me, and you!  The average turnaround time is 2-3 hours.  That’s typically on smaller breeds.  Larger breeds can take more time when they need more work and/or have more hair.  Again, a consult can give us both a better gauge for the amount of time.  I do like to schedule a little extra time for the first groom so that your pet and I can get to know one another.

When can I pick my dog up?

I call you 10-15 minutes before I’m done.  If it takes you a little longer to get here, that’s no problem.  I do not encourage you to come in and stand while I finish your pet.

Can I stay and watch you groom my flufficans?

I prefer that you do not.  Often, pets are more agitated if you do stay.

How soon should I book and appointment?

As with any service industry, my schedule ebbs and flows with the seasons.  I recommend you call at least 1 week before your pet needs grooming.  Call even sooner during Spring/Early Summer, Fall and Holiday times.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I take cash or check.  I am currently not set up to do credit/debit cards.

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